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Wrassle Castle

Wrassle Castle Book 3: Put a Lyd On It!

Colleen Coover

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Paperback (BC)
06 Sep 2022
Simon & Schuster
96 pages - 228 x 152 x 4mm
Wrassle Castle


THE FINAL SHOWDOWN IS HERE! IT’S THE CHAMPIONSHIP: FOR FREEDOM (HER BROTHER’S) and GLORY (HER OWN)! Lydia Riverthane readies herself for the finals of the Wrassle Castle tournament, hoping to win her brother’s freedom and get back his good name. But Lydia and her diverse group of friends, Chelsea, Nyle, and Dee, discover that the plot against the Riverthane family goes deeper than any of them thought. Lydia will have to dig deep and unlock the secrets behind her own wrassling if she wants to have any hope of saving her home and family.
It’s the end! And it’s time for Lydia to step into the ring for a slam-to-the-mat finish … something that she has trained for her entire life. For fans of The Nameless City, Lumberjanes, and She-Ra!
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