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Work Clean: The life-changing power of mise-en-place to organize your life, work, and mind

Dan Charnas

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13 May 2016
304 pages - 223 x 147 x 26mm

Chefs across the globe have honed an incredible system for working with efficiency called “mise-en-place.”

In this book, Dan Charnas reveals how to use those principles in any kind of work, outside the kitchen. Culled from dozens of interviews with culinary professionals and business executives, Work Clean offers a simple system and elegant metaphor for organizing one’s life and accomplishing one’s work. Work Clean spells out the 10 major principles of mise-en-place or “putting in place” for chefs and nonchefs alike: 1) preparation is prime; 2) arranging spaces; 3) cleaning as you go; 4) making the first moves; 5) Finishing actions ; 6) slowing down to speed up; 7) call and callback; 8) open ears and eyes; 9) inspect and edit; 10) total utilization. One by one, charnas shows readers how each of these principles work in the kitchen but most importantly, demonstrates how they can be used in offices, homes, and other settings.

The first organizational book inspired by the culinary world, taking “mise-en-place” outside the kitchen.

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