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Wildlife Ranger Action Guide: Track, Spot, Welcome, and Provide Healthy Habitat for All the Creatures Living Close to Your Home

Mary Kay Carson

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Paperback (BC)
01 Mar 2020
Storey Publishing
176 pages - 203 x 254 x 12mm


Kids can make the world better for wild animals, starting right in their own backyards! With hands-on activities, from a Wildlife Spotting Fort to a Sand Print Track Trap, along with habitat projects and wildlife field guides, this book teaches young nature observers how identify which animals live nearby. DIY projects such as making a Frog Pond out of a kiddie pool, planting a pollinator garden for bees, painting a bat house, and building a lodge for lizards help kids create a welcome haven for animal friends. Throughout the book, habitat maps and fun facts profile 84 North American wildlife species, such as wrens, robins, raccoons, and other creatures commonly found in different regions of the U.S. and Canada. Each snapshot also includes tips for protecting these animals as well as lists of the plants and foods they need to survive. With lively wildlife photography on every page, this book is the go-to source for nature and animal loving kids.
With hands-on projects, activities, and a wildlife field guide, kids discover how they can identify, attract, and protect habitat for bees, butterflies, and wild animals living right around them.
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