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Where There's Hope: Healing, Moving Forward, and Never Giving Up

Elizabeth A. Smart

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Paperback (BC)
01 May 2019
Macmillan [1570]
288 pages - 211 x 137 x 18mm


In her fearless memoir, My Story, Elizabeth Smart related, for the first time, the horrific experiences she went through as a fourteen-year-old girl, when she was abducted from her home and held captive for nine months. Since then, she’s travelled the world as the president of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, sharing her story in the hopes of helping others along the way. Over and over, Elizabeth hears the same question from women who’ve gone through horrible experiences: How do you find the hope to go on? In this powerful book, she seeks out others who have overcome adversity to help find the answers. Through conversations with victims of violence, disease, war, and the loss of loved ones, Elizabeth explores the meaning and power of hope to heal our lives. Through discussions with well-known figures like Anne Romney and Diane Von Furstenburg, spiritual leaders like Archbishop John C. Wester and Elder Richard Hinckley, and her own parents, Ed and Lois Smart, Elizabeth gives readers the tools they need to take control and embrace life.
My Story 9781250040152 (Hardback), 9781250055453 (Paperback) and Where There's Hope 9781250115522 (Hardback)
New York Times bestselling author, activist, and ABC News contributor Elizabeth Smart empowers those who have experienced trauma to reclaim their lives and move forward with hope.
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