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We Are Better Together

Bill McKibben

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Hardback (BB)
09 May 2022
Macmillan [1570]
32 pages - 279 x 216 x 8mm


When we work together, we humans can do incredible things. Faced with the threat of climate change and a changing planet, it is critical that we act collectively to protect our beautiful, fragile world. Renowned environmentalist Bill McKibben celebrates cooperation and collective action in this inspiring, affirming picture book. Stevie Lewis's gorgeous scenes of family, community, and the natural world bring this story to life. While the challenges we face are undeniable, this is a message of hope for the future of our world.
Oil and Honey 9780805092844 (Hardback), 9781250048714 (Paperback)
From environmentalist and bestselling author Bill McKibben comes a hopeful, inspiring picture book celebrating the power of human cooperation and the beauty of life on Earth.
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