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Wasted Space

Wasted Space: The Cosmic Collection

Michael Moreci

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Hardback (BB)
13 Nov 2023
Simon & Schuster
572 pages - 279 x 175 x 48mm
Wasted Space


THE GALAXY IS WRECKED - A COCKTAIL OF WARLORDS, PIRATES, AND TINPOT DICTATORS, STIRRED TO A FRENZY BY AN ALCOHOLIC FORMER PROPHET. TAKE A SIP AND GET WASTED. Billy Bane is a prophet who got it all wrong, and the galaxy has been burning ever since. All he wants is to waste away in the darkest corner of space with his best pal Dust, a supercharged Fuq bot. But when a new prophet comes calling, Billy is summoned to save the galaxy he's at least partially responsible for destroying. Too bad he couldn't care less. This is a limited run of only 500, so once this hardcover Cosmic Collection is gone, it'll be the stuff of stardust and legend!
Black Star Renegades 9781250117847, 9781250195067, The Throwaway 9781250065018, We Are Mayhem 9781250117854, BARBARIC Vol. 1: Murderable Offenses 9781638491798, BARBARIC Vol. 2: Axe to Grind 9781638491163
WASTED SPACE: The Cosmic Collection Hardcover is an out-of-this-world cocktail that’s one part Preacher, one part Star Wars, and a delectable dose of Philip K. Dick shaken well … take a sip and get wasted.
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