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Warrior of the Altaii

Robert Jordan

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Hardback (BB)
08 Oct 2019
Macmillan [1570]
352 pages - 228 x 155 x 34mm


Draw near and listen, or else time is at an end. The watering holes of the Plain are drying up, the fearsome fanghorn grow more numerous, and bad omens abound. Wulfgar, a leader of the Altaii people, must contend with twin queens, warlords, prophets and magic in hopes of protecting his people and securing their future. Elspeth, a visitor from another world, holds the answers, but first Wulfgar must learn to ask the right questions. But what if the knowledge that saves the Altaii will also destroy them?
Epic fantasy legend Robert Jordan's never-before published first novel, a great entry-point for new readers, while exciting for fans of the #1 New York Times bestselling the Wheel of Time ®
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