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Vertical Vegetables & Fruit: Creative Gardening Techniques for Growing Up in Small Spaces

Rhonda Massingham Hart

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01 Jan 2012
Storey Publishing
176 pages - 190 x 235mm

At last, an innovative solution for urbanites, apartment dwellers, and anyone who wants to grow their own food in small spaces — growing up!

Vertical Vegetables & Fruit shows how easy and fun small-footprint food gardening can be. Low maintenance and big harvests are just two of the benefits of using teepees, trellises, cages, hanging baskets, wall pockets, stacking pots, and multilevel raised beds to grow vegetables.

Whether the soon-to-be garden is a narrow alley, a balcony, a rooftop, or just a windowsill, master gardener Rhonda Massingham Hart provides expert advice for constructing the site, preparing the soil, and planting and caring for vegetables and fruits that will produce a hearty harvest. From beans on a tepee to tomatoes on a wire archway, melons on a slanted fence to cucumbers on a trellis, kiwis on a clothesline to strawberries in a pot, there are simple growing guidelines here to fit every gardener’s favourite tastes and site.

For experienced gardeners looking to try new techniques as well as first-time growers with tiny growing spaces, Vertical Vegetables & Fruit is the space-saving, harvest-enhancing guide to producing a bounty of fresh food in any location.

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