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Vegetarian Planet: 350 Big-Flavor Recipes for Out-of-This-World Food Every Day

Didi Emmons, Melissa Sweet

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15 Oct 2012
Harvard Common Press
512 pages - 232 x 184mm

Vegetarians have adventurous palates. At last, here is a book that lets them incorporate their favourite global flavours into simple everyday meals. For the many non-vegetarians who occasionally eat meatless meals but may be used to thinking of vegetarian dining as a parade of side dishes, Vegetarian Planet offers ten big chapters of substantial and hearty main dishes. From a tempting Tabbouleh with Oranges and Walnuts, or Roasted Fennel with Green Apples, to a robust Barley Shiitake Risotto, or White Bean Chili with Ruby Salsa, Vegetarian Planet enlivens the table with colour, soul, and boundless variety.

Never before has so much of the Earth’s bounty been so abundantly available in local stores and supermarkets. In her best-selling and James Beard Book Award-nominated cookbook, Vegetarian Planet, Didi Emmons takes vibrant flavours from around the world and, using techniques known to any home cook and easy-to-find ingredients, creates 350 dishes at once bold and flavourful, soothing and homey. Not a book of recipes “from” this country or that, it is instead a celebration of the new.

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