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Uprooted: A Gardener Reflects on Beginning Again

Page Dickey

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Hardback (BB)
01 Nov 2020
Timber Press
244 pages - 228 x 165 x 16mm


When Page Dickey moved away from her celebrated garden at Duck Hill, she left a landscape she had spent thirty-four years making, nurturing, and loving. She found her next chapter in southern Connecticut, on 17 acres of rolling fields and woodland around a former Methodist church. In Uprooted, celebrated garden writer Page Dickey reflects on this transition and on what it means for a gardener to start again. In these pages, fol­low her journey: searching for a new home, discovering the ins and outs of the landscape surround­ing her new garden, establishing the garden, and learning how to be a different kind of gardener. The sur­prise at the heart of the book? Although Dickey was sad to leave her beloved garden, she found herself thrilled to begin a new garden in a wilder, larger landscape. Written with humour and elegance, Uprooted is an endearing story about transitions - and the satisfaction and joy that new horizons can bring.
The engaging story of leaving a beloved garden and creating a new, very different garden, by one of America's best-known and most accomplished garden writers.
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