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Trump's Titans Vol. 2: Too Much Winning

John Barron

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Paperback (BC)
06 Aug 2024
Simon & Schuster
104 pages - 259 x 168 x 4mm


In this sensational second collection of the over-the-top presidential parody series, President Donald J. Trump proves himself to be the most powerful superhero in the multiverse as he takes on seven bad hombre versions of himself from the dark multiverse (The Donald Who Laughs is their leader!), fights Diversity in the comic book industry with the help of his favorite YouTube troll, fights Dracula and the planet of the lizard aliens by enlisting in the Space Force, and fights his own mortality in an epic battle against The End! This Too Much Winning volume collects Trump's Titans issues #5-8 (Vs. Dark Donalds: Mental, Vs. Diversity, Space Force, and Vs. The End) with too much bonus material.
Go back in time to when there was Too Much Winning for President Donald J. Trump n this political parody graphic novel from acclaimed author John Barron!
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