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This Train

Paul Collicutt

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Board book
01 Jul 2016
28 pages - 120 x 180 x 20mm

Using a refreshingly simple approach, Paul Collicutt has crafted the perfect book for young railroad enthusiasts.

Each page features a vividly coloured and detailed painting of a train, and the spreads show how the trains are different - long and short, fast and slow, old and new. There are two opening and closing spreads that feature captioned renderings of real-life engine models from all over the world that were the inspirations for the trains depicted throughout the book.

Paul Collicutt is an author, illustrator, lecturer, and graphic novelist. He lives in Sussex, England. paulcollicutt.com.

All aboard this fun and informative book about all kinds of trains - now in board book format!

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