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The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Food in Harmony with Nature

Tammi Hartung

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01 Jan 2014
Storey Publishing
144 pages - 248 x 190 x 15mm

A guide to creating harmony between the vegetable garden and the wildlife who consider it part of their habitat, this book teaches readers to understand how the garden fits into that environment. It explains how to start with a healthy garden, how to create beneficial relationships through thoughtful planting, how to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, and how to purposefully create habitats for wildlife with strategies to help garden and wildlife peacefully coexist. Gardeners are just one book away from a more peaceful, stress-free vegetable garden.

Homegrown Herbs 9781603427036

It’s time to take a more mindful approach and garden in harmony with wildlife. Tammi Hartung shows just how to do that with these gentle, smart methods for peaceful coexistence.

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