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The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide: How to Combine Shape, Color, and Texture to Create the Garden of Your Dreams

Jenny Rose Carey

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Paperback (BC)
15 Sep 2022
364 pages - 254 x 216 x 22mm


The colours, shapes, and scents of flowers are as ravishing to the senses as to the soul. But it’s all too easy get things wrong: colours that clash, flowers that bloom at the wrong time, plants that fail to thrive. Enter The Ultimate Flower Gardener’s Guide by expert gardener Jenny Rose Carey. She tells you exactly how to get started, how to combine plants for the most spectacular effects, and how to keep your garden going from year to year. Whether you’re interested in dramatic color combinations, how best to use a favorite flower, or how to create a garden for a specific purpose, such as nourishing pollinators, you’ll find the answers in this friendly, information-packed book. As Jenny herself says, “Don’t be afraid — just have a go!”
Glorious Shade : Dazzling Plants, Design Ideas, and Proven Techniques for Your Shady Garden 9781604696813
This fresh, mix-and-match approach to creating a glorious flower garden focuses on the importance of shape, colour, and ease of cultivation. “Full of practical insights, ideas, and inspiration to help you grow the flower-packed garden of your dreams.”—Greg Loades, author of The Modern Cottage Garden.
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