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The Stoner Puzzle Stash: A Coloring and Activity Book for the High-Minded

Blaise Kushman

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01 May 2016
128 pages - 279 x 215 x 15mm


There are word searches, of course, like 22 Ways to Blaze and Munchie Mania (Dude, can you find nachos, Steakumms, cake icing, Doritos?). But also Fill-in-the-Pictures: Oh no! Cheech just singed off his mustache! Can you draw it back on? What’s-Wrong-with-This-Picture Pictures, Connect-the-Dots (It’s Purple Kush!), Coloring Pages. And games like Build-a-Bong—pick three from a list of household items (flower vase, girlfriend’s Birkenstock, Erector set, avocado, etc.) to make a bong—and Heavy Questions: It’s raining right now. Will it ever stop? Plus super-simple activities for when you have just enough presence of mind to lift a pencil, like Trace Your Face. (Tilt forward from the couch until your face rests on the book. Pick up a pencil and, holding the pointy side down, trace your face. This activity is not timed.)

Includes a sheet of stickers for decorating your bong or vape, a 16-page colour insert with nose masks, comics, even Magic Eye–style art—and three perforated pages of DIY pop-out papertoy Inaction Figures, complete with their own couch!

An adult activity book for the millions of people (admit it) who have enjoyed a toke or two.

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