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The Stone Girl's Story

Sarah Beth Durst

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jun 2019
Houghton Mifflin
336 pages - 193 x 130 x 21mm


Mayka and her stone family were brought to life by the stories etched into their bodies. Now time is eroding these vital marks, and Mayka must find a stonemason to recarve them. But the search is more complex than she had imagined, and Mayka uncovers a scheme endangering all stone creatures. Only someone who casts stories into stone can help - but whom can Mayka trust? Where is the stonemason who will save them? Action and insight combine in this magical coming-of-age novel as the young heroine realises the saviour she’s been searching for is herself.
Journey Across the Hidden Islands 9780544706798 (Hardback), 9781328941657 (Paperback), The Girl Who Could Not Dream 9780544935266 (Paperback) and The Stone Girl's Story 9781328729453 (Hardback)
Exploring the power of stories and storytelling, Sarah Beth Durst presents the mesmerising adventure of a girl made of living stone who braves unforeseen dangers and magical consequences on a crucial quest to save her family.
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