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The Shred Cookbook

Ian K. Smith, M.D

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01 Apr 2015
288 pages - 232 x 191 x 25mm

Thousands have lost extraordinary amounts of weight on Ian Smith’s diets, and though we’ve included 40-50 recipes in each of his books, his dieters have asked for more. Since the SHRED programs include meals and meal replacements (smoothies or soups), there are over 200 recipes in THE SHRED DIET COOKBOOK, and lists of great snack ideas (smashed goat cheese and dates on crackers, avocado and mayo on pumpernickel, chicken and shredded carrot with yogurt dressing). THE SHRED DIET COOKBOOK is a complete answer to the question Dr. Ian is asked most often: "Can I eat that on SHRED?"

Dr. Ian knows his audience: what they want to know and how much they are willing to work in the kitchen. He’s including nutritionally dense food to match up with the core tenets of meal spacing, meal replacement and snacking that have made the SHRED diets work so well for so many.

—more ideas for snacks than they’ll know what to do with
—over 75 all-new recipes for meal replacing smoothies and soups, including savoury smoothies, warm smoothies, stews, and cold soups
—protein-rich dinners that are quick to make and satisfying to eat
—carb recipes that really count: including breakfast, potatoes, and pastas
—some reader-sourced recipes, Southern specialties and recipes from Ian’s family
—what to buy; how to work a supermarket; a spice and seasoning primer; alternates for frying, breading and saucing; and much more

Shred: The Revolutionary Diet 9781250038272, Super Shred 9781250044532, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet 9781250038272, The Truth About Men 9781250025111, What Men Really Want 9781250004277

#1 bestselling author Ian K. Smith, M.D.’s first cookbook, a companion to his super-selling SHRED and SUPER SHRED, with full-colour photos throughout

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