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The Secret Lives of Web Pages

Paul Ford

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01 Jul 2016
320 pages - 210 x 139 x 26mm

Every day billions of people view billions of web pages. A blank rectangle in a web browser transforms into The New York Times, or Google, or, God help us, Yahoo! News. That single home page is often the work of hundreds of people over thousands of hours. A single page of The Huffington Post is more complex than the space shuttle. And yet the more the web becomes part of our lives, the more apparent it is that we need to understand how it works.

Paul Ford knows how it works, every bit of it. He was one of the first bloggers and he started well before the term "blog" was coined, and so programmed all his own web publishing software himself and he is now a well-respected technologist and programmer. In The Secret Lives of Web Pages, he explains what happens when a web page loads into your browser from the basic text and headlines to the moment your identity is stolen in the most engaging, funny, smart, and accessible way possible, from a place of love and wonder, and with deep historical understanding. Based on his own knowledge and experience including launching a new start-up, created simultaneously with the book and extensive conversations with a who's who of Internet creators (i.e., Ford's friends), The Secret Lives of Web Pages is the definitive book on the web page: what it is, why it happened, and how to understand it.

A definitive, brilliant, and necessary explanation of how the Internet works by the only man who can make us understand.

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