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The Oddmire

The Oddmire, Book 2: The Unready Queen

William Ritter

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jun 2020
272 pages - 211 x 140 x 25mm
The Oddmire


Human and goblin brothers Cole and Tinn are finding their way back to normal after their journey to the heart of the Oddmire. Normal, unfortunately, wants nothing to do with them. Fable, the daughter of the Queen of the Deep Dark, has her first true friends in the brothers. The Queen allows Fable to visit Tinn and Cole as long as she promises to stay quiet and out of sight - concealing herself and her magic from the townspeople of Endsborough. But when the trio discovers that humans are destroying the Wild Wood and the lives of its creatures for their own dark purposes, Fable cannot stay quiet. As the unspoken truce between the people of Endsborough and the inhabitants of the Wild Wood crumbles, violence escalates, threatening war and bringing Fable’s mother closer to the fulfillment of a deadly prophecy that could leave Fable a most Unready Queen.
The Dire King 9781616206703 (Hardback), 9781616208547 (Paperback), Jackaby 9781616205461 (Paperback), Beastly Bones 9781616203542 (Hardback), 9781616206369 (Paperback), Ghostly Echoes 9781616205799 (Hardback), 9781616207441 (Paperback) and The Oddmire, Book 1: Changeling 9781616208394 (Hardback)
Fable - the bold, outspoken, and adventurous half-human daughter of the Queen of the Deep Dark - takes centre stage as she and her friends Tinn and Cole fight to prevent a war that threatens lives as well as peace, as the unspoken truce between humans and the creatures of the Wild Wood begins to crumble in this second book in the Oddmire series.
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