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The New Rules of the Roost: Organic Care and Feeding for the Family Flock

Robert Litt

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Paperback (BC)
01 Aug 2018
232 pages - 228 x 190 x 15mm


New from Robert and Hannah Litt - the owners of the Urban Farm Store and the authors of the bestselling A Chicken in Every Yard - comes a hardworking guide to backyard chicken keeping that goes beyond the basics. The New Rules of the Roost addresses the read problems that crop up when keeping backyard chickens long term. It covers a wide range of topics including guidance on organic health remedies and disease prevention, pest management, organic nutrition, the best breeds for specific needs, and the simplest and most effective options for daily maintenance and feeding. Readers will also learn how to introduce new chickens to a flock, how to manage aggressive birds, how to deal with mature chickens, and much more.
A must-have guide for anyone looking for deeper information on keeping a healthy and happy flock.
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