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The Nasty : The Complete Series

John Lees

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Paperback (BC)
17 Jun 2024
Simon & Schuster
200 pages - 259 x 175 x 12mm


CALLING ALL SCARY MOVIE FANS! MACABRE MAYHEM! SATANIC PANIC! Scotland, 1994. Eighteen-year-old Graeme “Thumper” Connell still has an imaginary friend: the masked killer from his favourite slasher film. Thumper is obsessed with horror and always has been. He fills his time with scary VHS rentals and hanging out with his friends and fellow fans, The Murder Club. But everything changes when his local video shop acquires one of the notorious films known as “video nasties” - films so scary they’re the target of the British Moral Decency League’s crusade to ban and burn. But it’s only a movie, right? It’s all just imaginary, isn’t it? The Nasty is a story about the perception of evil, the power of genre, the love of fandom, the need to create art, oh, and crap-your-pants TERROR! Become a bonafide member of The Murder Club: pick up this book!
The Ring meets Empire Records in THE NASTY, a coming-of-age horror story splattered with dark comedy, as a group of horror movie-loving teens bites off more than they can handle when the most sought-after video nasty ever slips through their fingers, and they are forced to film their own video nasty slasher movie – where evil, screams, and nightmares bleed into reality. Keep telling yourself: “It’s Only a Movie. It’s ONLY a Movie! IT’S ONLY A MOVIE!!! Isn't it?
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