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Event Group Thrillers

The Mountain

David L. Golemon

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01 May 2016
608 pages -
Event Group Thrillers


In 1863, a secret meeting takes place between legendary war leaders. Their mission is to bring back the remnants of pre-history's greatest ship which may lie atop a mountain inside the fierce Ottoman Empire.

In 2007, America's darkest agency, the Event Group, was tasked by the President to return a famous former astronaut on a mission to find Noah's Ark. It will be up to the Director of Security at Department 5656, Major Jack Collins and his team to rescue the expedition from forces that will kill to keep the artifacts inside Turkey.

THE MOUNTAIN is the latest entry in a series that ratchets up the suspense with each installment. Combining the action of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly, David L. Golemon sets the bar even higher with his New York Times bestselling series.

LEVIATHAN ISBN 9780312372248(Paperback), ISBN 9780312376635 (Hardback), PRIMEVAL ISBN 9780312580780 and ANCIENTS ISBN 9780312942861

The Event Group faces an impossible mission in the newest adrenaline rush from The New York Times bestselling author of Carpathian.

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