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The Memory Painter: A Novel

Gwendolyn Womack

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01 Aug 2016
336 pages - 210 x 139 x 21mm


Their meeting triggers Bryan's most powerful dream yet - visions of a team of scientists who, on the verge of discovering a cure for Alzheimer's, died in a lab explosion decades ago. As his visions intensify, Bryan and Linz start to discern a pattern. But a deadly enemy watches their every move, and he will stop at nothing to ensure that the past stays buried.

The Memory Painter (Hardback) ISBN 9781250053039

Bryan Pierce is an internationally famous artist whose paintings have dazzled the world. But there's a secret to Bryan's success: Every canvas is inspired by an unusually vivid dream. All his life, Bryan has wondered if his dreams are recollections of other people’s lives, and now he dares to hope that his art will lead him to someone who understands. And when he meets Linz Jacobs, a neorogenticist who recognises a recurring childhood nightmare in one Bryan's paintings, he thinks he’s finally found her.

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