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The Meat Hook Meat Book: Techniques and Recipes from Brooklyn's Modern-Day, Old-School Butcher

Tom Mylan

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01 May 2014
336 pages - 254 x 216 x 28mm

In The Meat Hook Meat Book—equal parts handbook, cookbook, history lesson, and scrapbook—butcher Tom Mylan shares the meat-cutting techniques and recipes from his shop, The Meat Hook, located in Brooklyn, New York. The approach is accessible for interested beginners and experienced cooks alike. Organized by animal, the book shows readers how to buy, butcher, and cook better meat, how to work with local farms or with your favourite butcher shop. There are 67 recipes, each nested within the appropriate section of the animal being butchered, so readers can see where the cuts of meat come from, what they’re good for, and how they’re best cooked. Filled with dynamic how-to text, tasty recipes, and enticing photos and illustrations, The Meat Hook Meat Book will get a new generation of eaters interested in sustainable meat practices.

Recipes and meat-cutting techniques from the “face of the modern carnivore movement.” Author Tom Mylan shares his advice for buying, butchering, and cooking your way to better meat.

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