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The Little Red Pen

Janet Stevens

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Paperback (BC)
01 Oct 2019
Houghton Mifflin
56 pages - 305 x 228 x 4mm


Who will help her? 'Not!' says Stapler. 'Not!' says Eraser. 'Yo no!' says Pushpin, AKA Senorita Chincheta. But when the Little Red Pen tumbles in exhaustion into the Pit of No Return (the trash!), her fellow school supplies must get themselves out of the desk drawer and work together to rescue her. Trouble is, their plan depends on Tank, the rotund class hamster, who's not inclined to cooperate. Will the Little Red Pen be lost forever? There's no lack of trial and error, hilarious chaos, and creative problem-solving in this mission! Kids - and adults - will never see their school supplies in quite the same way again.
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Poor Little Red Pen! She can't possibly correct a mountain of homework all by herself.
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