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The Herbal Recipe Keeper: My Collection of Healing Plant Remedies and Essential Oil Blends

Françoise Weeks

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jan 2019
Timber Press
208 pages - TBCmm


The Herbal Recipe Keeper is a beautiful, keepsake item that allows users to record the ways in which they have used healing plants—whether as medicinal formulations or as essential oil blends. It includes space to record botanical and common names, plant descriptions, harvesting notes, preparations uses, and details on dosage and safety. Additional features include an index that will help the user easily find recipes by plant name and undated monthly calendars. The artful packages features floral arrangements by Françoise Weeks—a leading floral designer who is known for her creativity and ingenuity. Her whimsical, seasonal arrangements will inspire herbalists to discover and harness the full healing power of herbs. With 240 colour photographs and a removable belly band, The Herbal Recipe Keeper is indispensable for fans of herbal medicine and essential oils and a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking a new path to health and wellness.
This lushly illustrated recipe keeper allows herbalists and wellness fans to record they ways they use herbal medicine and essential oils.
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