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The Donut Book

Sally Levitt. Steinberg

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28 Jan 2005
Storey Publishing
184 pages - 215 x 205 x 11mm
The Atkins Diet? Phooey! The South Beach Diet? Feh! What people really want to eat is something deep-fried and sugar-packed...hence our undying love affair with the beloved donut. And if anybody knows donuts it's Sally Levitt Steinberg. As a member of America's royal donut dynasty (her grand- father, Adolph Levitt, invented the donut-making machine), she knows more about this sweet indulgence than anyone else. The Donut Book is the product of Sally's great personal charm and life-long, in-depth donut scholarship. She covers high points in donut history: the arrival of the first donuts in America with the Dutch settlers in the 17th century, and the donut in World War I, when it became the favourite nosh of the boys in the trenches. She celebrates donut-loving celebrities, from Admiral Byrd to Bill Clinton, as well as some of the most gifted donut bakers on the planet. She visits the campus of Dunkin' Donuts University, and reveals the secret that makes Krispy Kreme donuts irresistible. Then there are the recipes: 29 mouth-watering, soul-satisfying ways to achieve the ultimate sugar rush, from New Orleans beignets to Portuguese malasadas, from Boston cremes to Alain Ducasse's upscale Donut. And for donut lovers who are willing to hit the road to find their favourite confection, the book comes with an illustrated Donut Lover's Guide to bakeries that serve up the lightest, fluffiest, best dressed, and tastiest donuts.

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