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The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

Barbara Pleasant, Deborah L. Martin

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31 Mar 2008
Storey Publishing
320 pages - 276 x 216 x 21mm
A natural "Six-Way Compost Gardening System" provides the ruling principles for successfully improving every garden with healthy compost. Readers will learn how to: choose labour-saving sites that keep gardens and compost piles as close to one another as possible; work with the compostable riches produced at home - Every yard and kitchen produces plenty of material- easily identified with at-a-glance charts - for a great start; help composting critters do their work by balancing ingredients, adding high-nitrogen meals when needed, and keeping the compost moist; reuse recycling bin items, such as large plastic buckets and cardboard boxes, as composting equipment; keep diversity in the mix - the magic is in the variety of the components and how they work together to create "gardener's gold"; and, customize composting to suit specific garden needs, always concentrating first on soil care.
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