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The Change Your Biology Diet: The Proven Program for Lifelong Weight Loss

Louis J. Aronne

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01 Jan 2016
Houghton Mifflin
256 pages - 228 x 152 x 23mm

Louis J. Aronne, M.D., an internationally recognised weight-management expert, has created the Change Your Biology Diet, a program that helps people lose weight, and keep it off, while understanding the hows and whys every step of the way. Unlike fad diets, Dr. Aronne's approach focuses on the biological factors that cause weight gain, like fat-promoting genes versus "slim" genes, and how to correct them. With the support of his extensive knowledge, clear writing, and friendly tone, readers learn how to safely dial down their appetites and kick food addictions to sugar, fat, and salt. He also includes lists of what to eat and avoid and the 10 rules of permanent weight loss. At the heart of the book is a 6-week diet plan so readers can jump right in to a life-transforming program. In addition, Dr. Aronne offers alternative options to ensure the desired results are achieved. With this book, readers are able to adopt long-term improvements in habits, tastes, and lifestyle and start on the path to permanent, effective weight loss.

A best-selling doctor’s life-changing program and diet plan to effectively overcome addictions to sugar, fat, and salt, and achieve permanent weight loss

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