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The Chameleon that Saved Noah's Ark

Yael Molchadsky, Orit Bergman

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01 Jul 2016
32 pages - 241 x 266 x 8mm

Noah and his family work hard to keep all the animals on the ark happy and healthy, feeding each one the right kind of food. But the chameleons refuse to eat everything they are offered. What on earth do chameleons eat? It’s a puzzle that fortunately solves itself when the chameleons show Noah exactly what they’re hungry for - the worms that have invaded the ark’s food supply! Saving the day, the little lizards and even smaller worms show Noah the great value of even the smallest among us.

This lively spin on the famous story, with stunning paintings by an Israeli folk artist, celebrates the wonders of nature and the purpose of every creature, big and small, in the creation of the world.

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