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The Bunny Rabbit Show!

Sandra Boynton

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Board book
01 Oct 2014
24 pages - 159 x 134 x 18mm

Rockettes eat your heart out, you’re about to meet your match: Ten terrific rabbits who like to dance and sing.  Ten terrific rabbits – they can do most anything. Especially entertain.  The youngest readers will love Boynton’s line up of high-kicking bunnies, all performing in perfect unison to a lively brand-new song all about…them.  But bunnies are very welcoming.  So, just like their friends – Boynton’s pig, chicken, and sheep – everyone is welcome to join the chorus line, as long as they don a most important item – bunny ears.

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For the youngest of Boynton fans, an upbeat musical; review starring one of the artist’s most beloved characters. Plus a brand-new song to download that accompanies the book.

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