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The Beach Escape

Rachel Magee

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Paperback (BC)
12 Sep 2022
Simon & Schuster
336 pages - 216 x 140 x 21mm


Molly Lawerence could use an escape. After all, her fiancé dumped her at her rehearsal dinner for her best friend. Fortunately, she has a short-term veterinarian assignment in Emerald Cove, Florida. A friendly workplace, beaches, and summer - what could be better? Grant Torres shows up with a patient she wasn’t expecting: a giant loggerhead sea turtle. Soon Molly is immersed with helping Grant at the turtle hospital he manages, and work leads to snorkeling, sunset sails, a wedding date - and unexpected feelings. But even as they help injured turtles return to the sea, Molly and Grant both plan to leave soon on new adventures of their own. Can Molly heal her own heart? And could love turn out to be the ultimate destination?
Beach adventures. New beginnings. And turtles.
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