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The Athletes Book of Home Remedies: 1, 001 Doctor-approved Health Fixes and Injury-prevention Secrets for a Learner, Fitter, More Athletic Body!

Jordan Metzl, Mike Zimmerman

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01 Apr 2012
496 pages - 190 x 235mm

From casual joggers to competitive triathletes, high school footballers to aging weekend warriors, tens of millions of people enjoy—and get injured enjoying—sports and fitness activities. (High school athletics alone result in more than 2 million injuries a year!) Now, the hobbled masses have an authoritative guide to healing themselves: The Athletes Book of Home Remedies.

This comprehensive guidebook for fitness buffs and sports enthusiasts empowers readers to self diagnose and self-treat chronic and acute aches and pains—from shin splints and sprains to athlete’s foot—and provides medically sound advice on preventing injuries.

A doctor-designed, get-back-in-shape workout and diet plan accompanies this head-to-toe diagnostic manual, ensuring that readers will build stronger, leaner, healthier bodies—for life!

Jordan D. Metzl, MD, is a nationally recognized sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, in New York City. His practice treats more than 20,000 patients and he is regularly voted among New York's top sports medicine doctors by "New York" magazine. He lectures and teaches all over the world and has appeared on the "Today" show and "Good Morning America."

Dr. Metzl specializes in nonsurgical treatment, working to help patients get back to their favorite activities as soon as is safely possible. He also strives to be a positive example for his patients, teaching his "Iron Strength" workout classes on weekends and maintaining his own fitness at an elite level. "I love being fit and active, and I like to encourage others to do the same," he says. "I feel like being a role model for my patients really helps me communicate with them better. I want to keep them on the field because I know how much better I feel when I'm out there doing what I love to do. Fitness keeps me injury-free and helps me in all aspects of my life, both inside and outside the office." Mike Zimmerman is a contributing editor to "Men's Health" and coauthor of The "Men's Health Big Book of Food & Nutrition" and "The Impact! Body Plan."

Quick fixes and effective home remedies for runners, bikers, skiers, golfers—and all types of athletes—to get them back in the game fast

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