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Tales for Very Picky Eaters

Josh Schneider

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01 Dec 2014
Houghton Mifflin
48 pages - 229 x 152 x 10mm

James is a very picky eater. His dad has to get creative - very creative - in order to get James to eat foods he thinks he doesn't like. He presents James with a series of outlandish scenarios packed with fanciful and gross kid-friendly details - like pre-chewed gum as an alternative to broccoli and lumpy oatmeal that grows so big it eats the dog - in an effort to get James to eat. But it is eventually James himself who discovers that some foods are not so bad if you're willing to give them a try.

Plenty for picky eaters and their parents to giggle about in this Geisel-winning early reader about daring to try new foods.

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