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Splash and Bubbles

Splash and Bubbles: Splash's Swim School

The Jim Henson Company

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jul 2019
Houghton Mifflin
24 pages - 203 x 203 x 4mm
Splash and Bubbles


When Splash and his friends run into his old school of fusilier fish, they're astonished to find these identical fish do everything together - exactly in sync! But when Splash, Bubbles, Dunk, and Ripple try to dance together things don't go quite as smoothly. Do Splash and his friends have enough 'school spirit' to dance together - but each in their own unique way? Fun facts throughout reinforce the ocean science concepts.
Splash and Bubbles: Dive In, Lend a Fin! (board book) 9781328852748, Splash and Bubbles: Shark Surprise with sticker play scene 9781328852809, Splash and Bubbles: Rhythm of the Reef with sticker play scene 9781328852786, Splash and Bubbles: My Colorful Reef (board book) 9781328852762 and Splash and Bubbles: So Many Sea Creatures! (board book) 9781328852793
From the world of Splash and Bubbles on PBSKids: It's the Reeftown Rangers versus Splash's old school of fusilier fish in an underwater dance-off! Though Splash, Bubbles, and friends may not swim in sync, they have just as much 'school spirit' as any group of fish. Complete with fascinating 'Fin Facts.'
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