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Spirit of Place: The Making of a New England Garden

Bill Noble

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Hardback (BB)
01 Aug 2020
Timber Press
288 pages - 266 x 190 x 25mm


How does an individual garden relate to the larger landscape? How does it connect to the natural and cultural environment? Does it evoke a sense of place? In Spirit of Place, Bill Noble helps gardeners answer these questions by sharing how they influenced the creation of his garden in Vermont. He explores the history of New England gardens and how they were shaped by a rugged landscape, harsh climate, and European ideas about design and plantsmanship. Throughout, Noble reveals that a garden is never created in a vacuum, but is rather the outcome of an individual’s personal vision combined with historical and cultural forces. Sumptuously illustrated, this thoughtful look at the process of garden-making will inspire home gardeners everywhere to leverage the history and site of their own landscape to create a truly spirited place.
An intimate and revealing profile of Bill Noble's outstanding New England garden - and the regional history and traditions that shaped it.
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