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Spill Zone

Spill Zone

Scott Westerfeld

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Paperback (BC)
01 Aug 2018
Macmillan [1570]
240 pages - 216 x 152 x 12mm
Spill Zone


Three years ago an event destroyed the small city of Poughkeepsie, forever changing reality within its borders. Uncanny manifestations and lethal dangers now await anyone who enters the Spill Zone. The Spill claimed Addison’s parents and scarred her little sister, Lexa, who hasn’t spoken since. Addison provides for her sister by photographing the Zone's twisted attractions on illicit midnight rides. Art collectors pay top dollar for these bizarre images, but getting close enough for the perfect shot can mean death - or worse. When an eccentric collector makes a million-dollar offer, Addison breaks her own hard-learned rules of survival and ventures farther than she has ever dared. Within the Spill Zone, Hell awaits - and it seems to be calling Addison's name.
Spill Zone 9781596439368 (Hardback) and Spill Zone: The Broken Vow 9781626721500 (Hardback)
The first volume of an original graphic novel series from New York Times - bestselling author Scott Westerfeld
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