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Spill Zone

Spill Zone: The Broken Vow

Scott Westerfeld

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jul 2018
Macmillan [1570]
240 pages - 216 x 152 x 16mm
Spill Zone


Three years ago an event destroyed the small city of Poughkeepsie, forever changing reality within its borders. Strange manifestations and lethal dangers now await anyone who enters the Spill Zone. Addison got close enough to the Spill Zone to touch it, literally. She survived the encounter, but came back changed. It turns out she's not alone. North Korea has its own Spill Zone, and a young man named Don Jae is the only one who made it out alive. Alive, but changed. Now Addison, Don Jae, and, curiously, a rag doll named Vespertine, share an unholy bond and uncanny powers. From Scott Westerfeld, the inspired imagination behind the New York Times bestsellers Uglies and Leviathan, comes The Broken Vow, the second volume of our highly anticipated new graphic novel series.
Spill Zone 9781596439368 (Hardback)
All hell breaks loose in the second volume of New York Times - bestselling author Scott Westerfeld's visionary graphic novel duology.
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