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S'mores!: Gooey, Melty, Crunchy Riffs on the Campfire Classic

Dan Whalen

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jun 2019
128 pages - 160 x 160 x 12mm


Boy, do we love our s’mores. Americans buy an estimated 90 million pounds of marshmallows a year, and more than half are toasted and sandwiched with a chocolate bar between two graham crackers. Which inspired Dan Whalen to ask: What would happen if you kept the s’mores architecture - three layers of gooey, melty, and crunchy - but changed it up? The result: Salted Caramel S’mores, Lemon Meringue S’mores, Kettle Corn S’mores, not to mention the Elvis - a bacon, banana, and peanut butter s’more. In 50 playful recipes, photographed in full colour and packaged in a puffy square format reminiscent of the original formation, S’mores! completely redefines what a s’more is - and where it can be made - by designing all recipes to be made in a standard oven (adapted for an outdoor fire). Dan Whalen, who in his last book tackled another singular passion, Tots!, redefines both the filling of the s’more - ice cream, sweet potatoes, cereal, Peeps, Sriracha, figs, avocado, even a scallop (which bears some resemblance to a marshmallow) - and the “cracker” - using phyllo dough, pie crust, potato chips, and cannoli sheets. From the deliciously simple Nutella S’mores to the sophisticated Grilled Peach Basil S’mores, this book emphatically and mouthwateringly puts the more! in s’mores.
Tots!: 50 Tot-ally Awesome Recipes from Totchos to Sweet Po-tot-o Pie 9780761189947
Your cookouts have never been better, with 50 recipes for S'mores, from the classic to the wild and crazy, from the creative foodie behind Tots. Try making a S'more with Peeps instead of marshmallows! Or the Elvis - a Banana, Bacon, and Peanut Butter S'more. Or savory S'mores where melty cheese replaces the marshmallow and chocolate.
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