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Slow Cooker Desserts: Oh So Easy, Oh So Delicious!

Roxanne Wyss, Kathy Moore, Jennifer Davick

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01 Nov 2015
128 pages - 236 x 190 x 20mm

Think of a slow cooker, and most people think of a simmering soup or stew, the everyday fare of meal time. Now, with more than 50 mouthwatering recipes, colour photographs, and endless tips, Slow Cooker Desserts will show you how to make the very best cheesecakes, cakes, puddings, fondues, and more by harnessing the even heat and moist environment of the slow cooker. Say goodbye to constantly checking the oven to make sure your special cake doesn't overbake, the slow cooker does all the work for you at a stress-free pace.

Inside you'll find recipes for all your favourite decadent desserts like German Chocolate Cheesecake, zippy Cappuccino Bread Pudding, sweet and tangy Peach and Mango Cobbler, and even Crispy Peanut Butter Candy, all designed to bake in your slow cooker. Slow Cooker Desserts captures the best of desserts, those special treats that transform meals into extraordinary celebrations, and bakes them to perfection, slowly but sweetly.

The Newlywed Cookbook ISBN 9781250054364

An innovative cookbook of desserts, cheesecakes, cakes, puddings, cobblers, fondues and other sweets, all baked in the slow cooker

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