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Skinny Dipping with Murder

Auralee Wallace

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01 Apr 2016
336 pages - 172 x 104 x 21mm


When Erica Bloom left Otter Lake for college over six years ago, she was determined to never come back - not after the horrifying practical joke that left her standing half-naked in the middle of the town's annual Raspberry Social. But when she gets a call from her lovable, but dippy, mother claiming her business - a spiritual retreat for women - is in trouble, Erica is left with no other choice but to return and help.

Within moments of stepping onto the docks, things start to go wrong...dead wrong. Somebody is killing off Otter Lake's locals - the very same locals who pulled off the infamous prank six years ago and it's looking like Erica is the prime suspect.

Erica needs to clear her name, and fast or she might be stuck in Otter Lake...50 years to life!

Welcome to Otter Lake, where the relaxing, restorative atmosphere is to die for.

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