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Runner's World Run Your Best Life: The Sports Doctor's Complete Guide to Healthy, Injury-Free Running

Jordan Metzl, MD, Claire Kowalchik

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01 May 2015
320 pages - 232 x 191 x 18mm

Every runner at every level wants to run faster, stronger, and pain-free. Injury prevention is essential to the athlete focused on achieving his or her highest level of performance. Remaining injury-free can lead runners through a lifetime of roads and trails that offer fun, challenge, victory, camaraderie, solace, good health, good attitude, and, as some like to point out, the freedom to enjoy good food.

Dr. Metzl’s savvy, up-to-date book will take the reader on a heel-to-head tour of the specific kinetic chain involved in running and provide a friendly, accessible, and illustrated view of the muscles, bones, and joints used and impacted. He’ll help runners define their kinetic style so that they are best equipped to adapt Metzl’s injury-prevention advice to their running lifestyle.

Discover the newest, cutting-edge medical secrets to injury prevention and treatment for runners.

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