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Route 66: Traveler's Guide & Roadside Companion

Tom Snyder

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01 Jul 2011
208 pages - 122 x 235mm
The renaissance of Route 66 is one of America’s great comeback stories. And with over 100,000 copies sold of the original and revised editions, the Route 66 Traveler’s Guide has brought the exciting and nostalgic experience of driving Route 66 to road
fans young and old. Now, more than 20 years after the original publication of Route 66, this completely updated and expanded guide will make the trip along the Mother Road easier and even more exciting. Responding to requests from readers and travellers, Snyder offers
up-to-date routings, elegant and easy-to-read new maps, and revised information on roadside attractions. Filled with love, high jinks, and mystery, the stories Snyder narrates truly capture the flavour of the Main Street of America. Cattle rustlers, gangsters, hitchhikers, and ghosts all make appearances in these nostalgic glimpses of history-in-the-making along America’s most famous highway.
Author Tom Snyder was an early advocate of a Route 66 revival and his 1990 "Route 66 Traveler's Guide & Roadside Companion" for St. Martin's Press was the first guidebook to the old road written in more than forty years, as well as the first to map the route since its decertification in 1985. He lives on the West Coast, dividing his time among British Columbia, Washington, and California.

More than two decades after the original publication of Route 66 Traveler’s Guide, Tom Snyder invites travellers to hit the road again—with a fully revised and updated edition of America’s favourite Route 66 road guide

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