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Rectangle Time

Pamela Paul

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Hardback (BB)
16 Feb 2021
32 pages - 254 x 203 x 8mm


This spunky, self-assured cat has always loved Rectangle Time - when the boy and the man he lives with curl up with their rectangle and read aloud from it. The cat knows how helpful he is during Rectangle Time, of course - his presence is vital to the very ritual! But when the rectangle starts to get smaller, the stories start to get quieter, and worst of all, the boy no longer needs the cat’s “help,” the cat must find a way to reclaim his part in Rectangle Time, even if slightly different from before. In this fun, funny, and ultimately sweet story about growing up, embracing change, and the ways we all can misread social cues, we see the power of stories to bring everyone together - there’s always room for everyone at story time.
My Life with Bob 9781627796316 (Hardback), 9781250182548 (Paperback), How to Raise a Reader 9781523505302 (Hardback)
Perfect for story time, New York Times Book Review editor Pamela Paul’s funny and charming story about books, pets, and reading together will enchant readers of all ages.
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