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Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me

Cynthia L. Copeland

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01 Sep 2015
176 pages - 159 x 178 x 20mm

Now it is reconceived in a brand-new, full-colour, photograph-filled format that is both pared down to its essential best and augmented with quotations, stories, lists. Collected by Cynthia L. Copeland, Really Important Stuff is filled with clear-eyed common sense that can make us start with surprise and delight. Here are children saying things that are smart, funny, innocent, completely sensible in a way adults just aren’t. Things like: “Bees shouldn’t be so nice and fuzzy.” "You can't stop the sled halfway down the hill." "Don't blow out somebody else's birthday candles." “You’re only little until someone littler comes along.” And, “Milk tastes better through a straw.”

9780761139218 Really Important Stuff My Kids Taught Me (previous edition)

A heartwarming celebration of all the life lessons that kids can teach us, animated by winning photographs. Inspiring aphorisms, quotations, and ideas combine with touching, amusing images in a package that makes the perfect gift - for a friend or, even better, for yourself.

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