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Puzzlelopedia: Mind-Bending, Brain-Teasing Anagrams, Word Searches, Mazes, and More!

Robert Leighton

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jun 2019
272 pages - 213 x 165 x 17mm


Kids love puzzles. Parents love puzzles. And parents love it when their kids unplug and do puzzles! Here, in the latest entry to the series that includes Jokelopedia, Pranklopedia, and Frightlopedia - with over 900,000 copies in print combined - comes Puzzlelopedia, an encyclopedia of over 150 smart, quirky, energetic puzzles that require nothing more than a sharp pencil and sharper wits. Each of the 26 A-to-Z chapters begins with a puzzle related to that chapter’s letter and then serves up different types of puzzles, including riddles, anagrams, mazes, crosswords, search and finds, hidden pictures, and puzzle types you’ve never seen before, like a dot-to-dot that, when solved, becomes a maze! All the chapters also contain a special “puzzle breaker” section, where kids can learn about anagrams, code breaking, oxymorons, tongue twisters, and other puzzling subjects. The brains behind this brainy book are the folks at Puzzability, authors of The Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book!, with 161,000 copies in print. Their uniquely wacky visual sense makes Puzzlelopedia uniquely fun.
An A-Z encyclopedia of smart fun for kids, packed with wacky, brain-bending puzzles including crosswords, riddles, word searches, hidden pictures, mazes, and more.
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