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Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula

Andi Watson

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01 Feb 2015
First Second
176 pages - 210 x 140 x 10mm


Princess Decomposia is overworked and underappreciated.


This princess of the underworld is always running behind and always buried under a ton of paperwork. Oh, and her father (the king) just fired the chef, so now she has to hire a new cook as well. Luckily for Princess Decomposia, she makes a good hire in Count Spatula, the vampire chef with a sweet tooth. He's a charming go-getter of a blood-sucker, and pretty soon the two young ghouls become friends. 


Princess Decomposia has to sort out her life, and with Count Spatula at her side, you can be sure she'll succeed. Andi Watson (Glister, Gum Girl) brings his signature gothy-cute sensibility to this very sweet and mildly spooky tale of friendship, family, and management training for the undead.

How Princess Decomposia Got Her Groove Back! (Hint: it had a lot to do with Count Spatula.)

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