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Prevention Mediterranean Table: 100 Vibrant Recipes to Savor and Share for Lifelong Health

Editors of Prevention

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01 Dec 2017
304 pages - 203 x 203 x 20mm


The Mediterranean diet is the rare healthy eating plan that satisfies both chefs and nutritionists alike. From seasonal vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains to garlic, herbs, and olive oil, these foundational ingredients inspire simple fresh dishes with endless combinations of flavours and textures—and don’t forget the wine. Your doctor will be pleased to know that following a Mediterranean diet is proven to lower bad cholesterol, dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease, and may even protect brain function as we age. Beyond just the diet, however, the Mediterranean lifestyle encourages mindfulness with every meal. Permitting yourself to slow down, enjoy food with friends and family, and relish each bite not only improves digestion, but allows you to gain the perspective to better understand your own eating habits and avoid overeating.
9781623365288 Eat Clean, Stay Lean
More than 100 fresh, nutritious Mediterranean-style recipes and tips on how to set aside time to mindfully savour each meal, combining healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.
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