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Pokémon Primers

Pokémon Primers Types: Box Set Collection Volume 2: Electric, Fairy, and Ghost

Josh Bates

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Paperback (BC)
18 Mar 2024
Simon & Schuster
112 pages - 211 x 203 x 6mm
Pokémon Primers


In this series of Pokémon Primers, Pikachu embarks on a different adventure in each book to find friends of the various Pokémon types - this time, it's searching for Electric, Fairy, and Ghost-type Pokémon ! The Pokémon Types Series is a fun, interactive way to introduce young children to Pokemon types. In this box set collection, you'll find Pokémon Primers: Electric Types, Fairy Types, and Ghost Types books. Over 300 flaps to open! Includes large sticker sheet with bonus Ghost-type GLOW-IN-THE-DARK stickers!
Pokémon Primers: Electric Types Book 9781604382266, Pokémon Primers: Ghost Types Book 9781604382242, Pokémon Primers: Fairy Types Book 9781604382259, Pokémon Primers Types: Box Set Collection Volume 1: Grass, Fire, and Water 9781604382396
Join Pikachu on an Adventure to Meet Electric, Fairy, and Ghost-type Friends with the Pokémon Types: Box Set Collection - Volume 2!
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