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Play & Learn Activities for Babies: 65 Simple Ways to Promote Growth and Development from Birth to Two Years Old

Hannah Fathi

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Paperback (BC)
13 Dec 2021
Page Street Publishing
192 pages - 229 x 197 x 12mm


Every parent wants to encourage their baby’s education and growth, but where should you start? Hannah Fathi is here to save the day with 65 essential activities that use play as a vehicle for teaching and skill- building. With options that focus on everything from fine and gross motor skills to observation and investigation skills and beyond, these activities are guaranteed to delight your little one while introducing fundamental concepts and sparking curiosity. Whether you’re a new parent looking for methods to make tummy time more appealing to your infant, or a caregiver on the hunt for exciting ways to teach a toddler about colors and shapes, this indispensable resource has the answer. Including chapters on sensory play, fine and gross motor play, imagination and more, these hands-on projects use everyday objects and recycled materials, saving you money and making the most of what you already have on hand. Best of all, each activity requires minimal preparation, and many come with traceable templates, so even the busiest parent can skip expensive store-bought toys in favor of these cute, frugal and fun activities. Teach your child about music and sound with the Rainbow Chickpea Shaker or the Cake Tin Drum, or let their imagination run wild with Baby-Sock Finger Puppets or the Make-Believe Mailbox. Sponge- paint a masterpiece together using taste-safe paint, or mesmerize your infant with a black and white Montessori mobile they won’t be able to look away from. With Hannah’s expertise and ingenuity, learning and development have never been easier or more enjoyable.
Encourage your baby’s development of fine and gross motor skills with this must-have collection of fun, engaging and inexpensive sensory play activities that are a cinch to set up.
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